Customized Group and One-on-One Workshops

We offer proven solutions to help develop and motivate your teams both in groups and one-on-one.

Tailored Group Workshops

Tailored Group Workshops

Tailoring in fashion refers to a garment that is custom-fitted for the wearer.

Tailoring in company workshops refers to the perfect, custom-fitted workshop for your companies’ needs. This is what we do best at HOB®.

If you want to learn how tailored workshops can make your company “look” fantastic, run more successfully and have your employees feel like they found the perfect match in you as their employer.

One-on-One Leadership and Business Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching to focus on very specific needs.

We Debrief and Follow up

We Debrief and Follow up

We provide tools…

DPD Schweiz (Logo)

Project: Conquer Swiss Hearts

A change management journey through Switzerland (LS Assessments, Workshops, Trainings)

Roche (Logo)

Leadership Development Program

Workshops, Assessments, Coaching

Paracelsus Spital (Logo)

Leadership Training

Leadership Training, Assessment and Workshop, Coaching Sessions


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