Leadership Development Assessments

Assessments help to provide a landscape and a road map and are used as a developmental tool
to define a path forward towards optimum performance, team building and leadership.

360° Feedback System “Leadership Circle”

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At HOB Edu we use Wildenmann Tools & Services, who was one of the first providers of 360° feedback. They still are committed to this aspiration – to being a trailblazer in innovative survey systems.

The services we provide cover the whole range from the development of a process and its technical implementation to the feeding back of the results. The spectrum of services we can support you with ranges from deployment of standard processes to the realization of tailor-made competence models within feedback processes, from individual processes to a globally implemented feedback processes, and from classical paper questionnaires to multi-language online surveys.

Personality Test Big Five

HOB Big Five


The Reflector Big Five is an outstanding personality and competence instrument for precise analyzes. The test provides valuable information in the correct handling of development fields.

Personality Test Big Five Application


  • Analysis and fit of leadership styles
  • Selection of suitable managers
  • Identification of high potentials
  • Targeted development for management and executives
  • Youth development
  • Coaching
  • Staffing (internal / external)
  • Employee selection (internal/external)
  • Creation of job profiles
  • Career advice

Good Reasons for Reflection Bog Five


  • Valid model that can be used worldwide
  • A questionnaire, two forms of evaluation (personality and leadership)
  • Modern and online-based personality questionnaire
  • Provides a detailed and complete picture of the personality in a professional context
  • Enables the individual and targeted promotion of your employees and managers
  • Provides prognostic information on development potential
  • Detailed evaluation is available immediately after the test
  • Online assessment – can be processed independently of time and place (even from home).
  • Short processing time (about 30 minutes)
  • Career advice

The Big Five - HOB


N – Need for stability (how do we react to setbacks)
E – Extraversion (how actively contacts are maintained with others)
O – Openness (how active is looking for new ideas)
A – Compassion (to what extent we put our own interests above those of others)
C – Conscientiousness (how organized and results-oriented do we work)

These 5 factors are composed of 24 facets. The enormous range of expressions and the interactions of different facets allow individual, unique descriptions of the personality.

Report Versions Personality and Leadership


Based on the identical questionnaire, you can choose between two report forms.
Reflector Big Five Personality: In addition to the evaluation of the 5 factors and 24 facets, the participant receives a forecast for the learning speed of competences. Here, an individual set of the 43 competencies of the system can be selected in advance. This version is basically suitable for all employees, regardless of whether they have management responsibility.

Reflector Big Five Leadership: The Big 5 profile is used to derive the fit for 8 different guide rollers. In addition, a comparison is made with the average grade of executives in relation to these roles. The target group of this procedure is executives and prospective executives.


HOB Edu Big Five for Employers